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You Are In Good Company It You Are Flailing About

July 8, 2016

The most interesting aspect of this infographic is that there is no common pattern to the ideal daily routine of the top creative people in the world. In his book, Daily Rituals: How Artists Work Daily Rituals: How Artists Work,  Mason Currey presents the lives of 161 creative minds to explore “how, exactly, they made the time each day to do their work” and he could find no common pattern! In a blog post on Daily Rituals in State it is encouraging that he writes  ” At the very least, I hope you’ll find some comfort in these examples. Even the so-called great minds flailed about, made false starts, endured blocks and dry spells, obsessed over trivialities, and wasted huge chunks of time. If this sounds like you—well, you’re in good company.”

Wayne Greenway is the Senior Partner with Career Aviators, a national firm that specialises in helping professionals to advance their careers. All profit from Career Aviators is directed to innovative youth leadership initiative in Guelph Ontario.

Data are from Mason Currey’s book DAILY RITUALS. Order it from Amazon and learn more at Mason’s site. The original poster is below for link reference

Info We Trust is a data adventure exploring how to better humanize information. To learn more read the opening post here. The creator, RJ Andrews, is an engineer and proud Northeastern University and MIT graduate. Please reach out through facebook, twitter @infowetrust, or the contact page.

Musings On Life, Work And Leisure

June 13, 2016

Have you ever noticed just how happy you are if you have had a chance to  participate in Guelph Ontario’s  Minga Skill Building Hub’s many courses?

Scientists in positive psychology now know more about why these kind of activities bring us happiness: the course likely gave you some positive feelings; you were likely very engaged in the activity; you probably enjoyed the company of other participants in the course; the course had meaning for you beyond yourself (perhaps for those who will enjoy your new found skill or the ongoing difference you can now make in the environment); the course surely gave you a sense of accomplishment; and you felt energized by your participation. These kinds of qualities combine in any experience to bring us the happiness one experience’s in Minga’s courses.

We seek these qualities in our leisure activities and our life at home. Why is it that so many of us don’t experience these qualities in our work?

Some experts say that as many as 80% of the workers are misplaced in their employment. Yet, we often passively accept that 50% of the time that we are awake, during our most productive years is spent in something that does not fit!

“So often in life, it is not what we do that we regret, rather what we don’t do that we regret the most. Things like not making a change when we knew a change was in order, or not taking the appropriate steps to move into a situation that would lend itself to a more fulfilling life both personally and professionally” says Kathleen Gage in a recent blog post on

Why don’t most of us change our employment to bring us as much happiness as our activities outside of work? Perhaps this summer is a good time to see if your job is bringing you happiness? Here is a quick quiz to get you thinking.

Think about your career and measure how much you agree with each of the following statements:

1= no agreement  to 7=complete agreement

  1. My work has some playfulness and fun in it.
  2. I frequently get fully absorbed in what I am doing at work
  3. I enjoy being with my co workers and supervisors
  4. My work brings me a sense of meaning beyond myself
  5. I have opportunities to feel a sense of accomplishment in my work
  6. My work energizes me

Although not scientific, this quiz may give you insight into how happy you may be in your current situation. A high score might indicate that your work is a good fit for you and that you are experiencing happiness in your work. A low score could create an opportunity for you to reflect on your current situation and ways to get the most out of your life at work.

If you want some help, join us in a two day retreat will help you design a career and a life worth living  — A life with meaning, happiness and job that you look forward to going to each day.

Wayne Greenway is Senior Partner with Career Aviators, a social purpose business that directs all profit to innovative youth leadership initiative in Guelph. He is passionate about helping people to find jobs in which they will excel, value highly and love to do. 

Begin Doing What You Want To Do Now

June 13, 2016

Maria Stenvinkel starts out her incredibly helpful blog post “How to Find the Courage to Quit Your Unfulfilling Job” with a quote from Francis Bacon Sr. “Begin doing what you want to do now. We are not living in eternity. We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand-and melting like a snowflake.”  and the wisdom continues throughout her excellent post. Its just too powerful and concise to attempt to summarize.  If you are unhappy in your job this is a “must read” for staying strong, present and living by choice than by chance.

Wayne Greenway is Senior Partner with Career Aviators, a social purpose business that directs all profit to innovative youth leadership initiative in Guelph. He is passionate about helping people to find jobs in which they will excel, value highly and love to do.  He is excited about partnering with Minga Skill Building Hub to lead The Authentic Career Retreat, unique in Canada for its cost effective, integrated one-on-one consultation, classroom and experiential format.

Living Life To The Fullest

March 7, 2016

Join  Wayne Greenway and Maureen McKenna

Learn How to Live Life the Fullest

Discover how to positively change what you lead — your life, business, organization or community.

livinglifeposter (1)

Guelph Firm Driving Innovation In Career Advancement Planning

January 28, 2016


Career Aviators has been offering highly successful workshops over the last four years, however, the traditional single teaching format we were using constrained our ability to help participants put their learning into action.

This new program is going to be fantastic. Its purpose is still to design a career and life worth living. Like all our work, it will help people find a job and a lifestyle that “fits”. One that they excel at, highly value and love to do.

Together with a team of successful clients we came up with a whole new way to deliver this service. I cannot find any other model like it in North America. This new approach allows us to match the teaching format to the kind of work that participants need to do in each stage of the process. It just made sense that discerning a career path and learning about resumes and job search were best suited to intensive group learning, while applying that knowledge is better done individually as structured homework. The next stage of fine tuning the resume and search strategy fit far better with one to one consultation. Our new model incorporates each of these different teaching formats. We also added a component that will facilitate the development of a mutual support system to provide the powerful advantage of ongoing weekly support after the formal programme is over.

Our client planning team talked about the tremendous value of field research and networking for their job search. At the same time, most of the team described how “blocked” they felt in making their first emails and calls. In this programme, we have introduced the idea of “kick-starting” the networking phase by introducing participants to a specific industry professionals in their field. After piloting this process with great success, with some our individual clients, we decided to build this in as a component of the programme.

Our client team also described how tedious it is to do this work and how easy it is to procrastinate with getting it underway. One of the team introduced us to the career site support offered by UDACITY and we decided to copy their idea of using a financial incentive to combat procrastination. When participants successfully complete their assignments within 60 days they get back 100.00!

Looking at the programme overall we have created a programme that will get participants started on their search twice as fast and at nearly half the cost of any other service providers. We have not found any other model like this in North America.

And…the innovation planning did not end here. This is the year that Career Aviators hopes to make its first gift to local innovative youth leadership initiatives. We selected the Girls Art Group at Shelldale Better Beginnings, Better Futures You can read more about this important programme under the signature plate, but we will give our participants in this programme the opportunity to give forward their 100.00 incentive money as a tax deductible gift to make an important difference in the lives of these young women.

We have a limited enrollment to 25 and we will likely be close  registration earlier than expected but we still have a few seats left.


Career Aviators has selected the Girls Art Group at Shelldale Better Beginnings, Better Futures for funding in 2016

This group is for young women from grades 5-12 who live in the Onward Willow community of Guelph, Ontario. At their young age, many girls in this community have experienced or witnessed domestic violence, discrimination, drug and alcohol abuse, vandalism and socio-economic hardship. Coming together in a positive environment to share common experiences and express emotions through art helps to support youth resiliency. Each week the girls come together to share in conversation and engage in art. These young ladies are developing new confidence within themselves and are working towards building stronger communication skills and healthier friendships. They are also learning how to use art as a positive tool for self- expression, problem solving, regulation of emotions, and healing that they can utilize through their lifetime.   The group meets weekly and learn about painting, drawing, sculpting and self-expression. The girls are working towards a goal of having an art sale and see their creations enjoyed by others. We have chosen this group because we believe that art is an important tool that can be used to help inspire resiliency in at-risk youth

Careers: One True Calling May Not Be Your Answer

December 28, 2015


For years, I have been helping people of all ages to figure out their career and life direction. Yet, I have to admit that my own career path looks like it is made up of multiple paths, some that I have pursued sequentially and others simultaneously.  The driving theme of helping people and organizations to flourish is not obvious unless I draw their attention to it.

I spent my career moving from one incredibly interesting project to another. It did not matter to me if the pay was higher or lower or how the job title sounded.

I used to think this approach was just best practice, as a die-hard community developer, to work myself out of a job. Every time I transitioned. those I left behind were ready to take charge of their lives and/or their projects and I moved on to the next exciting project.

At the same time, as a career consultant, it has been challenging to help clients who are like me. Emilie Wapnick’s video  has caused me to re- think my approach with people like myself who are “multipotentialites”.

The heart of the career exploration phase is still to determine what one excels at, highly values and loves to do. Identifying the things that make one curious is still crucial.

The process still involves preparing a career-life statement to drive all aspects of the search.

So what is different? The planning term that the career-life statement spans is going to be shorter.  It will still be the compass and guide to all aspects of the job search, but it will speak to many interests and how those interests might intersect. The push to choose between interests is replaced with a focused and flexible approach. It will also include analyzing  themes of interest and entrepreneurial endeavours that foster innovation.

Wapnick has brought us a whole new lens through which to help clients view career advancement. I have so much more to learn from clients who are “Multipotentialites”as we work together using these new and exciting ideas.

Does this post interest you? Come and join us for The Ultimate Career Advancement Programme to learn more about it. It is unique in Canada in its design. Its an inexpensive way to help you learn how to find immediate paths that will engage your potential and make an impact. Also help us spread the word by liking this post.

Wayne Greenway is the Senior Partner with Career Aviators, a national firm that specialises in helping professionals to advance their careers. All profit from Career Aviators is directed to innovative youth leadership initiative in Guelph Ontario.

The Ultimate Career Advancement Programme May Be A Canadian First

December 7, 2015

Yet, once she was introduced to a couple of professionals in her field, she had no trouble with conducting further networking interviews. One of connections she made might well turn into a long term business relationship/mentorship. Her comment stuck with me as we reflected on our workshops.

We realized that our previous workshops helped clients to clarify the direction of their career and to define and seek out jobs that they would excel at, highly value and love to do.

What was missing was a way to help participants to get past the anxiety around networking, as described above.  Former clients that we consulted also said that more one-on-one support on rebuilding their resumes would be valuable in a workshop. They told us that they found job search to be an isolating experience.  Ongoing informal support in the new curriculum would help workshop participants to stay highly motivated and positive during their search. They also suggested that the preparation phase of a job search would speed up, if we could find a way to inject an added sense accountability and incentive into the structure of the programme.

We think we have created a programme with a unique format designed help clients find jobs that fit, faster. On February 6 & 7, 2016, Career Aviators will launch The Ultimate Career Advancement Programme.