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A Rant: Searching For Your Dream Job

July 18, 2016

Your “dream job” does not exist but a job that fits; one that you will excel at, value highly and love to do is always out there.The trouble with striving to find a “dream job” is that the ideal job today, could be tomorrow’s nightmare. Life is tough and a new bully boss or any number of other factors could change that job instantly.

It is not about the job. It is about you. Its about constantly taking stock of your strengths and your values; the ones that you know that you shouldn’t change. Its about figuring what conditions in a job will bring you happiness; knowing what you want the career to do for you and what you want to bring to it.

On the job, its more than just being an excellent leader in your day to day work. It is being known and respected for being empathetic with those around you. This enables you to jointly seek out collaborative and innovative ways to improve what you do, while building a strong network of contacts within and outside the company. This makes you successful in your work and ready should a career change be in order.

With this as your central guide and with a focused and flexible attitude, you can nimbly shift to another job that will bring you happiness.

I believe that saying and thinking you are searching for your “dream job” puts too much emphasis on the job and not enough emphasis on you. Too much focus on the “dream job” can leave you angry at the job for not being right any more when conditions change.

Happiness is often found in the face hardship and change when you stand for who you are and what you want going foreword.

Wayne Greenway is Senior Partner with Career Aviators, a social purpose business that directs all profit to innovative youth leadership initiative in Guelph. He is passionate about helping people to find jobs in which they will excel, value highly and love to do. Learn more


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