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Guelph Firm Driving Innovation In Career Advancement Planning

January 28, 2016


Career Aviators has been offering highly successful workshops over the last four years, however, the traditional single teaching format we were using constrained our ability to help participants put their learning into action.

This new program is going to be fantastic. Its purpose is still to design a career and life worth living. Like all our work, it will help people find a job and a lifestyle that “fits”. One that they excel at, highly value and love to do.

Together with a team of successful clients we came up with a whole new way to deliver this service. I cannot find any other model like it in North America. This new approach allows us to match the teaching format to the kind of work that participants need to do in each stage of the process. It just made sense that discerning a career path and learning about resumes and job search were best suited to intensive group learning, while applying that knowledge is better done individually as structured homework. The next stage of fine tuning the resume and search strategy fit far better with one to one consultation. Our new model incorporates each of these different teaching formats. We also added a component that will facilitate the development of a mutual support system to provide the powerful advantage of ongoing weekly support after the formal programme is over.

Our client planning team talked about the tremendous value of field research and networking for their job search. At the same time, most of the team described how “blocked” they felt in making their first emails and calls. In this programme, we have introduced the idea of “kick-starting” the networking phase by introducing participants to a specific industry professionals in their field. After piloting this process with great success, with some our individual clients, we decided to build this in as a component of the programme.

Our client team also described how tedious it is to do this work and how easy it is to procrastinate with getting it underway. One of the team introduced us to the career site support offered by UDACITY and we decided to copy their idea of using a financial incentive to combat procrastination. When participants successfully complete their assignments within 60 days they get back 100.00!

Looking at the programme overall we have created a programme that will get participants started on their search twice as fast and at nearly half the cost of any other service providers. We have not found any other model like this in North America.

And…the innovation planning did not end here. This is the year that Career Aviators hopes to make its first gift to local innovative youth leadership initiatives. We selected the Girls Art Group at Shelldale Better Beginnings, Better Futures You can read more about this important programme under the signature plate, but we will give our participants in this programme the opportunity to give forward their 100.00 incentive money as a tax deductible gift to make an important difference in the lives of these young women.

We have a limited enrollment to 25 and we will likely be close  registration earlier than expected but we still have a few seats left.


Career Aviators has selected the Girls Art Group at Shelldale Better Beginnings, Better Futures for funding in 2016

This group is for young women from grades 5-12 who live in the Onward Willow community of Guelph, Ontario. At their young age, many girls in this community have experienced or witnessed domestic violence, discrimination, drug and alcohol abuse, vandalism and socio-economic hardship. Coming together in a positive environment to share common experiences and express emotions through art helps to support youth resiliency. Each week the girls come together to share in conversation and engage in art. These young ladies are developing new confidence within themselves and are working towards building stronger communication skills and healthier friendships. They are also learning how to use art as a positive tool for self- expression, problem solving, regulation of emotions, and healing that they can utilize through their lifetime.   The group meets weekly and learn about painting, drawing, sculpting and self-expression. The girls are working towards a goal of having an art sale and see their creations enjoyed by others. We have chosen this group because we believe that art is an important tool that can be used to help inspire resiliency in at-risk youth

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