Yet, once she was introduced to a couple of professionals in her field, she had no trouble with conducting further networking interviews. One of connections she made might well turn into a long term business relationship/mentorship. Her comment stuck with me as we reflected on our workshops.

We realized that our previous workshops helped clients to clarify the direction of their career and to define and seek out jobs that they would excel at, highly value and love to do.

What was missing was a way to help participants to get past the anxiety around networking, as described above.  Former clients that we consulted also said that more one-on-one support on rebuilding their resumes would be valuable in a workshop. They told us that they found job search to be an isolating experience.  Ongoing informal support in the new curriculum would help workshop participants to stay highly motivated and positive during their search. They also suggested that the preparation phase of a job search would speed up, if we could find a way to inject an added sense accountability and incentive into the structure of the programme.

We think we have created a programme with a unique format designed help clients find jobs that fit, faster. On February 6 & 7, 2016, Career Aviators will launch The Ultimate Career Advancement Programme.