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Getting Past Networking Anxiety

November 10, 2015

Job seekers often get blocked in networking. Unless they have been networking as a regular part of their work life, it can be can be very challenging. Anxiety about it can  hinder or even halt this critically important approach to their job search.

Some employers might never have the benefit of meeting these candidates. With the demand for talented candidates on the rise, it is a barrier that needs to be addressed for the benefit of both job seekers and employers.

In our work with clients, it seems that that many job seekers just need a couple of successful experiences to get them over this hurdle and propel them forward in their networking.  Guidance and coaching go a long way to help clients but we have found that nothing works as well as being introduced to an industry professional when they first start their search.

For the last few months. we have been piloting introducing certain clients to employers in their field of interest. It has proven to be extremely helpful.  Clients are less anxious and continue to network on their own.  The professionals they interviewed have also found it a valuable and engaging experience.

We are so impressed with the results of this initiative that we are introducing the  process as a component of our upcoming Career Advancement Workshop.

This is just one of a number of innovative features we are embedding in the February 2015 launch of our Career Advancement Workshop.  If you are a job seeker or you remember your last efforts at networking, your comments and suggestions on this new idea would be helpful, as we finalize our plans for the workshop.


Wayne Greenway is the Senior Partner with Career Aviators, a national firm that specialises in helping professionals to advance their careers. All profit from Career Aviators is directed to innovative youth leadership initiative in Guelph Ontario.

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