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“Understand Where You Are Today And What Is Really Going To Drive You,”

October 7, 2015

A Leadership Post by Lisa Evans, based on Chester Elton’s and Adrian Gostick’s book What Motivates Me: Put Your Passions To Work, highlights their thinking that “while many of us make career shifts based on emotions—assuming a new job will turn our frown upside down—few of us take the time to assess what really motivates us.”

She summarizes Elton and Gostick’s 5 identities and stresses the importance of finding positions that truly align with what drives us. In doing so, we will be happier.

Looking past our emotions, and taking the time to do a careful self- assessment is crucial in finding the right alignment and not “smoke and mirrors”.  Many clients (and in my own life) find that unless we are very present, we often repeat our mis-steps in life. Sometimes they are “dressed up differently” but at their core, they are the same mistakes. A simple example, outside of employment is how often people leave one relationship to become involved with someone in exactly the same kind of relationship, even though it initially seemed completely different.

“Leaving a job with misaligned motivations for another one of the same variety will only cause you to be unhappy and disengaged in your new job” says Evans. She reinforces the value or investing in the work of understanding our motivators before making a shift

It comes back to the critical importance of taking the time to create a powerful career- life statement before even beginning a job search strategy

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Wayne Greenway is a Senior Partner with Career Aviators, a national social purpose firm that specializes in helping professionals to make effective career-life transitions. All profit from Career Aviators is directed to innovative youth leadership initiative in Guelph Ontario.

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