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The Other Side of The Interview Table

September 19, 2015

Your Interviewer might be even more nervous than you are as the job seeker!

The interviewer is worried about something completely different. If she is wise. She is going to be concerned about her ability to select the right person

Ben Hutt wrote an excellent article in The Globe and Mail this past Tuesday.

He noted that “58 per cent of newly hired employees fail to meet their original job specifications. This is a huge issue since the cost of hiring a new employee is 30-50 per cent of their annual salary for entry level roles, and as high as 400 per cent for senior level jobs.”

Your interviewer is also wondering how much you have exaggerated on your resume. Hutt describes that in “a survey of hiring managers, “58 per cent said they had spotted exaggerations or outright fabrications on resumes, and one in three (33 per cent) said the problem has grown worse since the recession.”

Hutt’s article gives job seekers some great insight into what is going on in the mind of the interviewer.

Reading between the lines, this article lends support for the importance starting your job search by developing a career-life statement that powerfully defines who you are and who you want to be in your next position.

Job seekers who take this approach have  never have to worry about padding their resume or exaggerating their strengths in an interview. It is only when the candidate’s job search strategy was to make themselves fit an available job that  they often feel the pressure to be something they are not. Clients with a powerful career life statement are able to pin the jobs that they will be good at; value highly and love doing.  Their resume and interview answers flow from the Career –Life Statement.

If you come at  your job search from this perspective your confidence, skills and passion will shine through in both the resume and the interview without any exaggeration and inconsistencies in answers become a non issue.

Want to learn more about how you can re –invent yourself in this way.

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