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August 11, 2015


Career Aviators is thrilled to bring its annually delivered workshop to Burlington, Kitchener/Waterloo, Mississauga and Halifax and again to Guelph!

Maybe you’re stuck in a job that was never right for you. Perhaps your position has changed over the years — or you have — and what used to be a good fit doesn’t feel that way anymore. Maybe you’re simply looking for a little more meaning in your life.  This is the workshop for you.

It’s also the perfect choice for recent graduates and for seasoned veterans looking for fresh challenges.

  • Over the course of two full days, you will systematically learn how to design a career path for a life that lets them flourish.
  • You will use Career Aviators’ proven methodology to figure out what you are good at, what you value and what you love to do.
  • Through hands-on exercises you will craft a powerful search strategy that pinpoints your ideal job titles — and the right kind of work situation.
  • By the end of the weekend and their two follow-up consultations with a career –life consultant, you will have a box full of tools, a winning resume and a roadmap to a better future.

If you’re not happy with your current job … If you’re dreaming of a career transition …If you want to bring more meaning and happiness into your workday …

Discover how to pursue a career — and a life — that makes you happy.
Leave with a defined career search strategy and a winning resume to get your search successfully underway.
Learn more:

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