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“The Voice Of Fear Can Wreak Havoc On Your Dreams Before You Ever Take The Slightest Risk” (Lloyd.C, 1997)

January 25, 2015

“The Voice Of Fear Can Wreak Havoc On Your Dreams Before You Ever Take The Slightest Risk”

“Some fear is healthy. It keeps us from jumping off buildings and saying smug things to violent drunks. But fear also works against us. Fear colludes with our most conservative self and allows us to stop before we try, dismiss before we think, mock before we imagine. We’ve all seen it in others; it is so easy to perceive when you watch a friend refuse to take advantage of some remarkable opportunity, simply out of fear. But they don’t often say: I’m too afraid. They say: I don’t know if I’m ready or I’m just too busy right now.

At the heart of their fear is the message:

If I try to get something really wonderful, I’ll have to screw up everything that is already just okay.

Everyone has this voice inside them, it’s a voice of survival and ancient necessity. Beware of its power. The voice will arise when it is totally inappropriate and you are simply thinking through ideas, not threatening your livelihood or future stability in any way. Whether you are a relentlessly spontaneous artiste (who has never thought of making a long-term plan) or a terminally responsible professional (for whom the idea of refocusing your life towards creative interests is really scary), the voice of fear can wreak havoc on your dreams before you ever take the slightest risk.” says Carol Lloyd in her book entitled “Creating a Life Worth Living

In my work, I find that this is an important piece of the puzzle faced by almost everyone in making a successful life transitions.  It is not restricted to age group or professional grouping. I hear this rumbling behind the stories of students, artists, entrepreneurs or retired individuals. I even hear it in myself in establishing a new social purpose business in the process of creating a building new programs and moving forward in many ways in my life.

I became aware of how much impact this had on my own life through a series of powerful workshops called On The Presence of Acting, led by Laurence Follows, in Guelph ON. The workshops which permanently changed my life involved noticing these kinds of voices which are often rooted behind ( often without our noticing) our most important life choices.

I am excited to blog about sections of Creating a Life Worth Living and I would enjoy your comments and dialogue

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