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Maybe Work Life Balance Is Not The Real Question

November 11, 2014

There is a lot of talk about work life balance. On the outside it seems like it is a choice between two options: your career and the rest of your life.  But is it?

Mark Franklin, Practice Leader & President at CareerCycles, Canada’s leading career management social enterprise, defines career as “The full experience of who you are …And how you want to be in the world…And it keeps expanding…… as it naturally goes through cycles of stability and change”

When work is the full experience of who we are; it makes the work-life balance conundrum about as meaningful as saying  “raising our kids – life balance” or “favourite hobby – life balance” .

No matter whether you are just starting out; in the middle of your life or planning your senior years; it is important to take time out to explore who you want to be in your life.

I am looking forward to hosting another Career Aviators Dream Big Career Retreat so we can reach out to help participants create a powerful vision for the next stage of their life.  Come and join us and let the whole work life balance issue lose its significance in your life. Read More: 2014. 11.11 Career Aviators Dream Big Career Retreat Weekend

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