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Just Imagine Going To Work And Loving It?

October 4, 2014

Career Aviators Dream Big Career Retreat Weekends

“Before the retreat I did not realize why I was unhappy in my current job. This course has made me realize how important it is for me to find a job that fits my values.”  Allan J, Dream Big Career Retreat Participant

Just Imagine Going To Work And Loving It?

  • Finding a job that that fits: one that  engages your potential and gives you the opportunity to make an impact
  • Working in a job that brings meaning and happiness into your life
  • The perfect job is out there and this Dream Big Career Weekend Retreat will give you the skills to help you identify it.

Curious About How You Could Change Your Life?

 It is possible! Join the Dream Big Career Weekend Retreat and you can do it!

The Dream Big Career Weekend Retreat is an interactive weekend workshop that will help you to harness your curiosity and knowledge to discover a vision of who you want to be in your career and life over the next few years.

How Will The Dream Big Weekend Retreat Help You?

  • Analyze what brought you genuine happiness in the past
  • Assess your accomplishments, core values, strengths, desires, and assets as they relate to your career
  • Sort out what you want and don’t want in a career
  • Create a powerful vision of your future career and life
  • Discover new ways of living and working in the world.
  • Know how to identify specific career opportunities for your career transition
  • Create a concrete plan for moving forward with your career and life

“Now I have a clearer understanding of the direction I would like to pursue and the steps I need to take to find a job that fits my goals.”  Jen B, Dream Big Career Retreat Participant

About Wayne Greenway

For more than 20 years, Wayne Greenway has helped individuals to effectively transition through some of life’s toughest situations. He has a unique ability to help others to identify their hidden strengths and motivate them to achieve success. His experience in conducting more than 5000 interviews to select people for a wide range of professional and volunteer has given  him experience from the “other side of the table” to help clients succeed”

Wayne set up these workshops to help participants to develop a powerful vision of their future career and life.  He is convinced of the importance of this because clients who have this vision, create a search strategy that lands on a career path and in the job they want, faster.

Wayne is proud of Career Aviator’s unique process which is based upon a careful review of the literature in the field and incorporates the best ideas from the of the top career development professionals in Canada and United States.


“The experience reminded me of the skills and experience I have to offer employers and that I should be proud of them and my accomplishments. “  Mary S

“A great chance to have others give you feedback in your skills and get a better sense of what you are good at.” Julie D

“A great experience to help define and explore career direction.”  Devin D

 “Relaxation exercises were great. Really helped me to get in the mind set of figuring out what I want to do next.”  John G

Registration Information

Choose a convenient weekend for you: 

  • Saturday November 22, 2014 & Sunday November 23, 2014
  • Saturday January 10, 2015 & Sunday January 11, 2015
  • Saturday March 14, 2015 & Sunday March 15, 2015

Location:        Guelph ON (Location to be announced)

Fees:                Typically this workshop would cost $300.00.  We have created different payment model for each date

To Register: http://dreambigcareer.eventbrite

Off Line Without Using Eventbrite Or For Information: 

Wayne Greenway 1 866 873 7633 or

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