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PLAN, ACT, MANAGE New series of interactive workshops for entrepreneurs and business leaders

August 1, 2012


Wayne Greenway, a well-recognized speaker on thought process, will be presenting a brand new series of interactive workshops for entrepreneurs and business leaders to re-energize their minds to methodically think and process their visions in a positive outreach. 

 Come to Innovation Guelph – 111 Farquhar Street 3rd Floor, to learn about new techniques of the mind that will ignite a lifelong of clear, structural thinking. 

 Complete all 3 workshops and receive a Certificate of Completion!

September 13, 2012 – PLANNING YOUR IDEAS

Feeling confused? Overwhelmed? No time? Planning isn’t always easy.  Whether you are looking for a new way to solve a problem or a new direction for your business, sometimes it is hard to see your future clearly.  Visioning unlocks your thinking and frees you up to consider all options to achieve the best results.

Visioning is a helpful tool in planning at a high level.  In this workshop, you will experience a visioning process and leave with a skill that can be used on your own or with your team at the office.  Let Wayne Greenway help you get on the right path!

September 20, 2012 – ACT OR BE IMMOBILIZED

Once you know your direction, does it ever feel like the barriers for taking action are insurmountable or more numerous than you can manage? Does the traditional method identifying the problems, prioritizing them, and developing solutions seem to bog things down?

Solution Directed Thinking means moving your thoughts into solutions. This workshop will bring a fresh approach to decision-making and conflict resolution. It has applications for engaging and motivating your team or community in moving forward.

You’ll learn the principles and get a chance to free yourself from everyday problems.

September 27, 2012 – MANAGE YOUR TIME WISELY

Now you have things up and running, do you feel like you have more on your plate to manage than you can effectively handle? Do you want to take more charge of your time and give your life more balance? Does everything on your “to do” list seem equally important?

This interactive workshop on managing your work and your time will take you through a process to analyze your “to do” list and determine the source(s) of the problem(s). After an hour with Wayne Greenway, you’ll be back in control and feeling you can manage your time effectively.

Complete all 3 workshops and receive a Certificate of Completion!

Book your spot today! Email Anna @

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New series of interactive workshops for entrepreneurs and business leaders

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