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Career Aviators Shifts to New Business Model

January 26, 2012


Great News!

We have been doing  research on the emerging field of Social Enterprise and we are in the process of shifting our business model  to a Social Purpose Business.

Career Aviators will continue to provide career mentoring to new graduates, students, and professionals planning transition on a “for profit” basis.  The firm will operate as a  “Social Purpose Business” just as a traditional “for profit business” but 100% of all revenue, after reasonable expenses (including salaries and programming costs) have been paid will be donated back to charitable organizations, providing  leading edge, innovative projects that foster youth career and/or leadership development. 

Initially, we will fund projects in the Guelph area with expansion to a national scope as the business unfolds.

Every person who receives career mentoring is also helping to fund leading edge, innovative, youth based, career and/or leadership development projects, which could not otherwise be implemented without this assistance.

Career Aviators does not ask for or accept donations but we encourage people to join us in donating directly to the projects that we support.

Keep checking What’s New for updates on projects selected and a call for proposals at the end of 2012, as the business moves into its third year of operation.

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