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From Our Email — Kudos, Wayne, this is the perfect path for you.

October 25, 2011


Congratulations on your exciting new career path, this business is a perfect
way for you to hone the skills you have developed over the years.

In the 15 years I have known you, you have never backed down from a challenge.
The more challenging a project, the more determined you become.

The work you did with Mark raising awareness for The Children of Chernobyl, and
raising funds to bring Katya to Canada for school had a huge impact on our
family. Your calm demeanor when faced with an obstacle kept our family calm and
focused. I was always especially impressed with your vast number of ideas, and
the focus you had to approach any set-back, and always with good humour and a
big smile.

When I was determined to bring Katya earlier than you would have preferred, you
never criticized me, instead just worked harder under the pressure I placed you

I know after our experience together, that you will help any young person
develop the skills and perserverance to succeed. Kudos, Wayne, this is the
perfect path for you.

Katya is a Canadian Citizen now, with a wonderful family, and an enriched life.
This would not have been possible without your vision, hard work, and

Lynn Purvis

Royal LePage ProAlliance

Kingston, Ontario

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