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From Our Email — I worked with Wayne early in my career ..

October 25, 2011

I worked with Wayne early in my career and would not hesitate to recommend his services based on that experience.  These were very formative years in my career and his insights were an invaluable resource; he helped me to discover and hone different abilities that are still critical to my successes in my personal and professional life. 

The key to his success as a mentor lie in his unique ability to recognize and unlock skills that were previously unharnessed.   He encouraged me to pursue projects that both sharpened my existing skills and brought to the forefront new interests.  I continue to pursue projects in areas that I had not even considered before my time with Wayne.

Working with Wayne was a journey of enlightenment; he set me on a path that has had a profound effect on me and my community.  My profession and volunteer work can both be traced back to my time with Wayne and I am forever grateful for a path that has been both rewarding and fulfilling. 

Michael Agostinelli 

Child Life Specialist       

Co-Founder/ Vice President


Kingston Kids With Illness Deserve Support Inc.



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